Credits: Sisillia Piring, Scarlet Mann, Lenard Smith, Kelsey Reckling, Janell Shirtcliff and James Theodore.


We first came across Emily Labowe when we regrammed one of her images wearing AG Jeans Chloe top. Initially we thought she was a young Jane Birkin, long light brown hair and wispy bangs. Not to mention her perfectly imperfect style, this woman is more than meets the eye. After much fangirling, we asked and Emily responded, giving us permission to feature her on our 9 Questions With... segment.

1. What do you do?
I am a model and actress. I also embroider underwear on the side. 

2. How did you get started in your career?
I always modelled for friends growing up but started seriously a couple years ago. Acting sort of fell into my lap with a commercial I got last year and now I'm trying to do tv and film.  I'm really loving it! 

3. What do you love about your job?
Probably all the amazing people I have met and become friends with along the way. The amazing clothes I get to wear. 

4. What are the standout highlights in your career so far?
Shooting for playboy, signing with my new agency, taking a 5 day road trip around New Mexico and shooting. 

5. Let’s be honest, what’s the worst thing about your job?
Hm, it can be quite tiring even if it doesn't seem like. Long e-commerce days sometimes blow! 

6. What is your advice to other aspiring individuals wanting to break into the industry?
Don't worry about your weight or being too skinny. Modelling in LA is pretty awesome right now. Be who you are and be honest and real- it really shines through. 

7. Who would you ride a rollercoaster with?
Oh hm this dude I'm crushing on. 

8. Who is your ultimate dream shopping partner?
Kelley Ash @awildatheart

9. Three words that sum you up?
Live, love and laugh hahaha




1. JAMES PERSE | Linen Elongated Belted Shirt Dress
2. EPHEMERA | Gingham Bandeau Bikini Top 
3. Gingham High Waisted Bikini Briefs
4. ANNA QUAN | Adagio Cotton Twill Shirt
5. TYLYNN NGUYEN | Calla Silk Slip Dress
6. MAISON LABICHE | En Vogue Wool Blend Cardigan
7. SAINT JAMES | Galathee Breton Striped Cotton Jersey T-Shirt
8. MATIN | Lace Up Linen Dress
9. PAIGE DENIM | High Rise Bell Canyon Flared Jeans




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