Travelling is a luxury in itself, but wouldn’t it be extra special if your luggage helped you on your journey instead of making it harder? We’ve found the most perfect companions to take on your next trip. From the ridiculously good looking to the brilliantly intelligent, these travel pieces are more than just a way to carry your belongings.


The Bluesmart carry-on suitcase combines lightweight materials to deliver a sleek, highly functional case that eases the trouble of our most common travel woes. A built-in scale, automated locking and USB device charging are handy but our favourite part is the location tracking and distance alerts so you’ll never lose your luggage again.


Floatti combines the classic look of premium leather suitcase aesthetics with high-tech design and applications. The app connected Smart Handle can operate your smartphone, the stylish slots secure your coat and hat, and the concave top tray with retractable strap is perfect for your handbag, making this suitcase completely operational with just 1 hand and never messing up your outfit. 


When your holiday shopping gets out of hand it’s the Fugu that will come to your rescue. This automatically expanding case transforms from a carry-on briefcase to an enlarged check-in cube at a touch of a button. The built-in shelves easily remove to be hung at your destination, making packing a breeze while protecting your garments with its reinforced interior structure.

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