1. AG Adriano Goldschmied Prima Sateen Cigarette Jeans 2. AG Adriano Goldschmied Legging Skinny Ankle Mid Rise Jeans 3. Paige Denim Hoxton High Rise Skinny Jeans 4. Paige Denim High Rise Ankle Skinny Jeans 5. AG Adriano Goldschmied Legging Skinny Mid Rise Jeans 6. AG Adriano Goldschmied Farrah High Rise Skinny Crop Jeans 7. Paige Denim Skyline Mid Rise Ankle Peg Jeans 8. High Rise Bell Canyon Flared Jeans

Jeans, possibly the greatest modern day fashion item around for versatility, durability and endurance in the fashion stakes. Just ask any fashion conscious girl and she will have one pair of jeans that are her go-to, the pair that makes her feel fantastic and she can wear them to work, dress them up for a date or dress them down for weekend hangs with the girls. But buying the perfect pair of denim jeans can be a tough ask as we are all shaped differently. So where do you start? By following our denim shopping guide of course.

Shopping for jeans by body shape

Shopping is never easy, even though those pair of jeans look great on your best friend, they may not look great on you, so here is our guide to shopping for jeans for your body shape.

Hour glass figures:

Show off your curves while sliming your shape down with a straight-legged jean with a high-rise and flat front. This lengthens your silhouette while still allowing you to show off your great hips. Try our Paige Denim Skyline Mid Rise Ankle Peg Jeans.

Pear shaped figures:

It sounds retro but try flared or trouser style jean in a medium to dark wash. Like with the wide-legged jean for hour glass figures, it helps to lengthen your silhouette. Avoid tapered legs as they will emphasise your thighs. Try our High Rise Bell Canyon Flared Jeans.

Rectangle figures:

Also known as the boy figure, you don’t have a waist that cinches in. So if you’re trying to achieve a more womanly figure, try flared or boot-cut jeans. Tapered legged jeans also work well if you don’t want to want to create the illusion of shape – try our AG Adriano Goldschmied Prima Cigarette Jeans.

Apple shaped figures:

If you’re looking to try and hide that extra pizza or two you had over the weekend, try a mid to high rise jean that will cover your stomach to keep things in check. Try our Paige Denim Hoxton High Rise Skinny Jeans.

To emphasize your behind:

Try on a pair of jeans with higher back pockets if you have a flat posterior. Such pockets give the appearance of a rounder rear. Try our Margot High Rise Ultra Skinny Jeans.

To slim down your behind:

Look for a pair of jeans with lower back pockets positioned close to help create the illusion of a smaller rear. Also choose dark wash denim in universally flattering shapes like straight or boot-cut jeans with a medium rise. Avoid distressed jeans as the ripped holes and faded spots will draw the eye to that part of the body, making it look bigger.

Try a narrow straight-legged jean if you have a tall, lean figure. Flare jeans also work well. Just look for something that is well fitted throughout the majority of the leg. 

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